Green World!
Teach others about recycling in an appealing and playful way.


Teach together the people to learn and grow..


Give More, Gain More!
We receive goods and cash donations from individuals, community organizations, churches and local businesses. Make a donation to help us feed those in need.

About us

We are Aanandit Foundation. We committed to work for society to help needy anywhere in the world starting from our small town Panipat(India). We are dedicated to work in this field in coming years to make this system more effective and in reach of all. We are trying to do best to what we can contribute on our part.

Our Mission

We believe
"We can buy happiness if we are buying it for others." When we look at the society we live in we find many people who are lacking the basic needs Food, Clothes, Shelter and Education. We are living with complete privileges with the grace of GOD. Our children also enjoy the same but not everyone is that lucky. But the question is Do they don’t have the right to even have basics when we-a particular part of the society have lot more than that. Yes we are talking about Equality in Society and we know that this issue is unresolved since the start of our past. We are not saying that we can fill this gap overnight neither we are saying that we should surrender the privileges/luxury we have. But we all should work together to provide these privileges to those who don’t have it. Everyone can do whatever any contribution he or she can to do it. We should start with those who are in urgent need. Lets do one thing for a better world

We Value